domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Why not publish more on Panoramio (Google Earth or Maps)

One thing I can not deny it was a nice experience. We appreciate the work of many people around the world. We ventured and shared many stories and we enjoy, learn and teach. It's a shame it's over, because even though I have completed my goals, I would keep posting.
My main reasons for participation in Panoramio ('community' responsible for the images of GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps) were:
- The fact of being in love with photography and landscapes, sent me in search of knowledge on the subject, allowing me instigation to seek to know the techniques involved;
- Interest in knowing and studying the system responsible for defining criteria which images and which tools (GEarth and / or GMaps) would be posted also know the scoring criteria that define the best settings and their priviledged position.
All the above objectives have been completed, and about six months after my last post - mid-2015 - Panaramio definitely ended its activities with the GEarth and GMaps.

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